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With LTK, No Reading Glasses In Just 3 Seconds!
- Being 40 and looking great is something to aim for. Bur being 40 and seeing great, now that's really special...

Norden Honored as a Top Eye Surgeon - At a special reception at this year's American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting in Boston, Dr. Richard A. Norden was Distinguished as one of the Top 100 Refractive Surgeons in the Country...

LTK in New Jersey... Exclusively At Norden - LTK is only for people who are 40 or older. In these patients, the collagen in the eye is more relaxed and responsive to the laser. It is used to correct...

Putting The Price Of LASIK Into Perspective - If you had a heart attack or were diagnosed with cancer, would your first instinct be to shop around for the doctor who offers the lowest price? Of course not. You would look for the most qualified, most experienced professional, someone...

A Beautiful "Look" For Miss New York - Lovely Carrie Tucker, Miss New York USA 2000, simply didn't want to wear her glasses. Unfortunately, contact lenses were never comfortable enough to...

Take a Close Look - When you watch the new NBC sitcom "Ed" this fall, take a close look at the professional offices of his hometown best friend...

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With LTK, No Reading Glasses In Just 3 Seconds

Being forty and looking great is something to aim for. But being forty and seeing great, now that's really special. By the age of forty, many people become mildly farsighted as the focusing lens inside the eye begins to lose flexibility, making it difficult to see things close up. At this age, some people who have been farsighted for years find there vision becoming worse. Happily, a new procedure called LTK (Laser Thermal Keratoplasty), an alternative to other laser surgeries, is available to correct this problem for select people over forty who have mild to moderate farsightedness.

Dr. Richard Norden in pleased to provided this exciting new procedure, which he explains in the interview inside.

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